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. Cerovive is the registered tradmark of the astrazeneca corporation for the nxy-059, a derivative of pbn.


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This is of some clinical importance, since an antiinflammatory pharmaceutical preparation rich in SOD regrowth treatment of various inflammatory lesions in man. In fact, it may have taken over some of the functions of ascorbate in primates.(133). Likewise, xanthine oxidase is an effective producer of oxygen radical species, while Links as well as skin .. urate itself stimulates the production of active species of oxygen by phagocytes (203,204) and may protect cycloepoxigenase from autooxidation.(131) The effectiveness of SOD in the treatment of Links7 urate-induced inflammatory disease in Dalmations suggests a role for superoxide in this lesion.(138).

Production of active oxygen species by activated phagocytes may also have a role in vascular (and other) damage following endotoxin shock,(144,145,205), burn-induced plasma volume loss (71) and even in atherosclerosis.(205). Similar mechanisms may account for the possible role of radical species in the progression of damage following neuronal injury.(14,17,56,171,206). Antioxidants such as the methoxyphenols are apparently effective in the amelioration of both experimental sexual dysfunction cerebral edema and spinal cord injury.(17,56). However, once again we must emphasize that, like most else in this field, the evidence for free radical involvement in inflammation and neuronal injury is hair loss circumstantial and has not been proven conclusively questions about hair loss and hair regrowth

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